Flower Rice Cupcake
For this week’s Culture Club activity, my coworkers and I were able to make 떡컵케익, or rice cake cupcakes. The flowers on top are made of rice cake, and the cupcake itself has a raspberry rice cake filling. Although I wasn’t good at it and don’t particularly like rice cake, it was an interesting experience.
Materials for making flower rice cupcakes

The rice cake was already given to us in piping bags in two colors: yellow and pink. There was also green, but the instructors used that for putting leaves on our finished cupcakes. I don’t have pictures of how to make the flowers, because I failed miserably at making them, but we had to squeeze the icing into a tower on a stick with a flat disc on top. After that, we had to make little rainbows on the tower to simulate flower petals.

A tray full of flowers made of rice cake

The instructor had to make two of mine so I could have some on my cupcake. I found that I did better when I switched to my left hand, though, because I use that hand for opening bottles and such. We then used the flat scissors to transfer the flowers to a tray. After stealing flowers that the instructors and my coworkers made, I had enough to make two cupcakes.

Flower rice cake cupcake

Two flower rice cake cupcakes

All in all, I enjoyed hanging out with my coworkers and getting to try something new. Now I just have to find someone to eat these cupcakes.

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October 29, 2015