Front of Kakao Friends store

The Kakao Friends Store at COEX Mall was originally a popup store for the holidays, but it has since become a permanent and popular fixture. I don’t have many photos since customers aren’t allowed to take pictures of the merchandise, but I could take photos of the figurines inside.

Figurines of the Kakao Friends

The Kakao friends figurines are stationed around the store and people can take pictures with them. They have all of the characters, but there were too many people to take a clear picture of the other ones.

Inside of the Kakao Friends store

The store has everything from toothbrushes to a designer bag collaboration with Korean brand Bean Pole. I had already spent a lot of money at the mall before I found this store, so I didn’t buy anything. Next time, though, will be another story~

Address: 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 524 코엑스몰 B2 G209

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